How Do You Cut Concrete?

How Do You Cut Concrete?

Cut concrete by consulting the home's mechanical prints to determine any obstacles, using a diamond blade on a circular saw to make the cut and breaking away the cut concrete with a sledge. The cutting process is slow, and cutting through a concrete floor should be the last resort.

  1. Consult before you cut

    Obtain a set of mechanical prints for the area of the cut. Look for obstacles such as electrical conduit or pipes that run through the concrete. Cutting through a concrete floor with radiant heating pipes can ruin the entire heating system.

  2. Make the cut

    Install a diamond blade on a circular saw, and set the blade depth to 4 1/2 inches. Mark the cut using a chalk line. Lift the blade guard, and set the blade on the line to start the cut. Once the saw reaches the bottom of the guard, begin moving it forward. The process is slow and dusty. If the cutting slows, the material may be too soft. Cut through some harder material to expose more of the diamond blade, and start again.

  3. Break away the concrete to remove

    Once you make the cut, use a sledge to break the concrete into smaller pieces that you can lift and carry out of the way.