Do You Cut a Clematis Vine Back, or Will It Come Back on Its Own?


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The ideal time to prune a clematis vine depends on the plant's specific blooming season. Some clematis vines bloom in the spring, some bloom in the summer and fall, and others bloom multiple times per year. Pruning clematis vines stimulates growth and flower production.

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The best time to prune spring-blooming clematis is immediately after it blooms. Summer- and fall-blooming clematis vines benefit most from pruning during or immediately after their dormant period.

Clematis plants that bloom multiple times per year usually generate one large bloom and one smaller bloom, and the best time to prune them depends on which bloom is larger. If the first bloom is the largest, the ideal pruning time is immediately after that bloom. Plants with larger second blooms require pruning during the dormant period or in early spring before the first bloom.

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