How Do You Cut Ceramic Tile?


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One way to cut ceramic tile is to draw a straight line on the tile with a tile scribe, align the drawn line over the edge of a flat surface, and press to break off the unwanted portion of the tile.

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  1. Mark the tile

    Mark the area on the tile that you want to cut. Lay another tile on top of the tile you want to cut, so that the edge of the top tile provides a guide for a straight cut.

  2. Cut the tile

    Press the tile scribe firmly against the tile you want to cut, and draw a straight line following the edge of the top tile.

  3. Break the tile

    Align the drawn line over the straight edge of a flat surface so the line faces upward and the unwanted section of the tile overlaps the surface. Hold the needed section, and press the overlap to break it away.

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