How Do You Cut Cement Board?


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Cut cement board by marking the cut, running a utility knife along the mark to cut the mesh overlay and snapping the board backwards to break it along the sliced line. Turn the board over, and cut the mesh on the other side at the break to complete the process.

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  1. Mark the location of the cut

    Using a straightedge, mark the location of the cut with a pencil. Double check the measurement to ensure the cut is in the right place.

  2. Slice through the mesh overlay at the mark

    Place a sturdy yardstick or T-square alongside the mark. Run a utility knife along the edge to cut through the mesh overlay on this side of the cement board.

  3. Snap the cement board back away from the mark

    Hold onto the cement board on either side of the mark. Quickly snap the sides back to break the cement board along the weak spot where the mesh has been cut.

  4. Cut through the mesh on the other side of the board

    Turn the board over. Place the yardstick or T-square along the bendy place in the mesh that shows where the break is on the other side. Slice along the mesh with a utility knife to finish the cut.

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