How Do You Cut Cast Iron Pipe?


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To properly cut cast iron pipe, use a snap cutter, which cuts accurately without damaging the rest of the pipe. First, stabilize the pipe, and then mark a cut line. Finally, use the snap cutter to cut the pipe.

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  1. Stabilize the pipe

    Cast iron pipes are brittle, and without stabilization, they may snap. Prevent the pipe from moving during the cutting process by stabilizing its location. For pipes running horizontally, stabilize at both ends of the pipe by applying strap hangers around the body of the pipe to prevent it from vibrating as the cut is made. For vertical stabilization, use riser clamps to keep the pipe in place.

  2. Mark a cut line

    Use a piece of chalk to mark a cut line along the pipe. If you make a mistake, the chalk line can be easily removed and placed in a new location.

  3. Cut the pipe

    Wrap the steel chain attached to the ratchet at the end of the snap cutter around the diameter of the pipe along the cut line. Then thread the chain through the open side of the jaw of the ratchet. Open and close the handles of the ratchet, tightening the chain around the pipe until the pipe snaps at the cut line. Grab any uneven portions of the cut with a wrench and hit the wrench head with a hammer to snap them off to provide a smoother cut.

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