How Do You Cut Carpet?

cut-carpet Credit: BanksPhotos/E+/Getty Images

Use a carpet knife to cut a carpet smoothly and get the edges you desire without damaging adjacent surfaces. You must mark the cut line, make the cut and trim the carpet. You also need a wall trimmer and a stair tool.

  1. Mark the cut line

    Measure out the area to be covered using a tape measure. Take the roll of carpet outside, and unroll it so the rear of the carpet is upwards. Add 3 inches to the longest measurement of the coverage area, and place notches on the ends of the carpets on both sides at the new length. Roll the carpeting back up, with the bottom part of the carpet on the outside of the roll, until the notches are visible. Make a mark across the carpet using chalk; this is the cut line.

  2. Cut the carpet

    Cut through the carpet following along the marked cut line using the carpet knife. Hold the knife at a slight angle towards the cut, and draw the knife along the rear surface, applying enough pressure to cut completely through the carpet. Work your way from one notch to the other to complete the cut.

  3. Trim the carpet

    Place the carpet onto the floor with the sides rising slightly up along the walls. Use a wall trimmer to trim the carpet so that it fits around any obstacles, and then cut off the excess carpet along the wall baseboard. Remove the excess, and then place the edges of the carpet beneath the baseboard using the flat end of a stair tool.

  4. Trim carpet openings

    Use the carpet knife to trim away the carpeting around any openings in the floor such as vents. Pull the cut squares away from the carpet to complete the cutting job.