How Do You Cut a Brick Wall?


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To cut a brick wall, mark the cut, and then drill a series of 1/4-inch holes just inside the line along the length of the mark. Remove brick and mortar between the holes with a chisel and hammer. Pry out the bricks in the opening with a small pry bar.

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  1. Mark the cut

    Draw a line to show the location of the cut. Draw a second line 1/4 inch in from the first line on the side where the brick is to be removed.

  2. Drill holes along the inside line

    Use a 1/4-inch masonry drill bit to drill a series of holes along the inside line. The goal is to preserve the outside line that marks the edge of the opening. Keep the holes 1/4 inch apart, and drill all the way through the brick each time.

  3. Chisel out the brick and mortar between the drill holes

    Hold a cold chisel at a 90-degree angle to the wall between two of the drilled holes. Strike it with the hammer to break the brick or mortar between the two holes. Continue for the length of the cut.

  4. Pry out the bricks in the opening

    Use a small pry bar to pry the cut bricks out from the opening. If necessary, use the chisel and hammer to break more of the brick or mortar along the cut for easier removal.

  5. Smooth the edges

    Chip the edges of the cut with the chisel and hammer to make them smoother. Scrub the sides of the cut with a wire brush to smooth them further.

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