How Do You Cut Brick?


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Cutting a brick can be done by hand with the use of a hammer and bolster. Bricks are usually defined by their size, being under 300 millimeters in length or 130 millimeters in width. Blocks are larger, but the cutting process is the same.

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  1. Score the brick

    Mark the brick where the cut is going by scoring the surface of the brick completely around all sides. Place the blade of the bolster onto the brick along the cutting line, and tap the top of the bolster with a hammer until a thin line appears in the brick's surface. Turn the brick so another side is on top, and repeat the scoring process. Score all sides of the brick so that there is a continuous line going around the brick's body.

  2. Deepen the score

    Place the brick, frog side down, onto a surface of sand or grass. Make sure the surface is as flat as possible. Place the bolster blade onto one of the scored lines, with its handle tilted slightly toward the portion of the brick that is not going to be used. Strike the top of the bolster with the hammer firmly to deepen the scored line. Repeat the process for all four sides.

  3. Break the brick

    Once the first side is reached again, position the bolster as before, then strike the top hard, breaking the brick in half. For blocks, repeat the scoring process, deepening it each time until it breaks in half.

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