How Do You Cut a Bathroom Mirror to Size?


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To cut a large bathroom mirror, place the mirror on a flat surface, and make marks to guide you where to cut. Coat the marks with some lubricating spray oil, and line up the cutter blade to be perpendicular to the surface of the mirror. Press the cutter down to cut the mirror, roll it along the lines. Make sure to apply the same amount of pressure during the entire process. After the mirror is cut, break different parts apart.

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Before starting to cut the mirror, measure how much space you have available for it in the bathroom. Decide how large you want the mirror to be within those measurements. Make sure that the mirror's reflecting side is facing towards you when putting marks on the mirror and cutting it. Use a tape measure and a dry-erase marker for putting marks on the mirror, as parts of the marks are going to be left on the mirror after you cut it.

Make sure to apply only a thin line of lubricating spray oil onto the mirror, as it needs to coat only the tip of the cutter blade. You can use special glass-cutting oil as well. To level the cutter blade, put a straight edge on the surface of the mirror along the marker line. Place the cutter blade next to the straight edge, and push the blade against it. To break apart mirror parts, hold the mirror with both hands, move one side of the mirror downward, and break it away from the other part.

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