How Do You Cut Baseboard?

How Do You Cut Baseboard?

To cut baseboard, find and measure the longest wall in the room, cut a piece of trim to the length of the wall, and then cut either mitered or coped joints for outside or insider corners, respectively. Measure, cut and install the baseboard as you work around the room.

  1. Find the longest wall

    Start with the longest wall in the room, and measure the length of the wall.

  2. Cut the baseboard

    Trim a piece of baseboard to the same length as the longest wall if it has inside corners. Cut other inside pieces the same length as the wall, but if the wall has outside corners, cut the baseboard a couple of inches longer than the wall.

  3. Cut an inside corner joint

    To measure a coped joint, position the baseboard against the wall at a 90-degree angle, and then place the adjoining piece of trim face down on the floor. Place a piece of scrap wood perpendicular to the board on the floor, and then mark the profile of the baseboard. Make a back-bevel cut by cutting along the profile.

  4. Install the baseboard

    With a nail gun, secure the baseboard to the studs. Apply a bead of wood glue along one joint, and attach the adjoining piece of baseboard. Continue cutting and installing baseboard around the room until you reach an outside corner.

  5. Cut an outside corner joint

    To measure a mitered joint, place the baseboard along the wall, and mark the spot where the wall edge of the board meets the corner of the wall. Using a miter box, cut a mitered joint at a 45-degree angle at the end of the baseboard. Install the baseboard, and continue around the room.