How Do I Cut Back Pansies?

cut-back-pansies Credit: @Daniela White Images/Moment/Getty Images

Pansies become spindly and unattractive if not properly cut back. This occurs especially in warm climates which have longer growing seasons.

  1. Cut off dead blooms

    Snip off any spent blooms below the flower, 1/4 inch above the leaves on the flower's stem.

  2. Cut off seed pods

    Snip off any seed pods that are forming, again cutting just above the leaves on the pod's stem.

  3. Cut off long stems

    Separate long stems from the rest of the pansies. Snip them 1/4 inch above a set of leaves at the desired height for all the plants.

  4. Cut back scraggly stems

    Snip back all stems that have been allowed to become scraggly. Reduce stem height to four inches, always cutting 1/4 inch above a set of leaves.