How Do You Cut Aluminum?

How Do You Cut Aluminum?

Cut aluminum by gathering your tools, laying the sheet out on two sawhorses and clamping them down. Mark the cut points, draw a line between the points, and then cut along the line with a rotary tool.

  1. Gather your tools

    Purchase a set of sawhorses, a few clamps to hold the aluminum down, a yardstick, a pencil, a handheld rotary tool and reinforced cut-off wheels.

  2. Lay out the sheet

    Set up the sawhorses next to each other. Make the space between them the same width as the sheet of aluminum. Set the sheet on the sawhorses, ensuring that there is empty space under the sawhorses for the tool to cut through. Attach the clamps to the sheet and the sawhorse on each side.

  3. Draw the line

    Place a dot on the aluminum with the pencil in the area you want to cut. Then set the yardstick between the dots and draw a straight line between them.

  4. Set up the rotary tool

    Place the reinforced cut-off wheel on the rotary tool.

  5. Cut the aluminum

    Turn on the tool, and place it on the line at the edge of the sheet. Cut along the line slowly using even pressure as you make your way to the other side.