What Are Customers Reporting on Glass Top Stoves?


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Customer reports on glass-top stoves are generally favorable on aesthetics, and mixed on cleaning and cookware requirements, as of 2015. Although repair costs are significantly higher than those for conventional stoves, few reviews and reports address the issue.

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Most reviewers of glass-top stoves like the sleek look of the cook top. In addition, glass-top cooking also offers a more even heat, especially on electric ranges. In terms of qualities that chefs and kitchen designers look for, these stoves are superior.

However, the glass top itself requires special handling. Just as dropping a pan on the stove can break the glass, using the wrong kind of cookware or using cookware with rough bottoms can damage the surface, as well. Pans that are hot from the oven can’t be set directly on the glass top, and spills must be cleaned up promptly to avoid staining the surface. In addition, glass tops have to be cleaned more frequently with special cleaning solutions that lift stains without scratching or weakening the glass.

Also, glass-top stoves can represent significant expense if cooks have to buy new cookware to protect the glass and buy specialty cleaning products. Likewise, replacement parts for the glass and heating elements may be expensive, often costing more than the original price of the stove.

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