What Are Some Customer Reviews on the Skybox Refrigerator?


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As of 2015, a majority of customer reviews for the Skybox refrigerator are positive, but there are mixed and negative reviews as well. Many people rate the refrigerator as well-designed, energy efficient and having good features, while others complain about its cooling system and temperature settings.

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The reviews for the Skybox refrigerator on Amazon are mixed, with a composite rating of 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. According to some customer reviews, the appliance has a faster cooling system. One reviewer mentioned the convenient switch that allows the consumer to turn the lights off conveniently. It has two bright fluorescent bulbs that provide enough light inside the refrigerator.

Many reviewers appreciate the ample space inside the appliance. Additionally, some mentioned the suspended fabric catch net, which prevents foaming at the bottom of the appliance. One reviewer found the Skybox refrigerator's manual helpful during installation. The cooling system in the Skybox refrigerator received mixed reviews from customers.

Some reviews mentioned defects in the cooling fan. They claimed It was installed backwards, preventing the free flow of air inside the cooler. Some reviewers recommended recalling of the refrigerators to repair clicking sounds produced by the cooling system. Some customers complained about the temperature controls that take too long to start. They mentioned the inability of the appliance to cool below 40 degrees, especially in the lower compartment.

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