What Do Customer Reviews Say About the Little Giant Water Heater?


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Amazon.com customers rate the Little Giant water heater base positively, with an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Consumers praise its design, efficiency and utility, but some people have reported that the heater breaks after a few months of use.

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Amazon.com users state that its height prevents animals from dirtying the water with bedding or feces, eliminating the need to change the water frequently. One user reports that it does not use a great deal of power to run, making it a cost effective option. Most users state that they use the water heater in the winter in chicken coops. However, one customer reports receiving a defective unit that heated the water continuously, making the water too hot for animals to drink during the day.

The Little Giant water heater base is designed to prevent water from freezing during cold weather, allowing outside animals ready access to water. It can also be used with double-wall founts and metal containers. The water heater does not turn on until temperatures drop below freezing, saving power.

Little Giant provides products for chicken farmers and beekeepers. The brand began in 1941, specializing in poultry products. The company targets hobby farmers but has products suitable for ranchers and breeders as well.

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