What Are Some Customer Reviews of Polymeric Sand?

What Are Some Customer Reviews of Polymeric Sand?

Polymeric paver sand leaves a film on the pavers, and the color is not always accurately described, note reviews posted on HomeDepot.com. On the site, polymeric sand only received 2.4 out of five stars.

The Home Depot sells PaveStone polymeric paver sand for around $23, as of October 2015. The bucket of sand covers up to 100 square feet and is supposed to add joint strength to concrete pavers, patio pavers, flagstone and limestone. Its primary functions are to prevent sand loss and joint erosion as well as to inhibit weed growth and deter insects from taking shelter between the pavers.

Generally, customer reviews for this product are negative, but a few customers have positive things to say about polymeric sand. According to one, "Although the color is called tan, I was relieved that it was more gray since it matched my pavers perfectly." According to another, "I was skeptical about the reviews, but found that you really have to sweep well before spraying."

Unfortunately, most of the reviews for polymeric sand on The Home Depot's website are less than kind. "As some other reviewers have pointed out, if you manage to get this product exactly in between the joints and not a bit on the surface, have done your daily prayer, and the wind is not blowing, and the sun came up in the right side of the sky, you may get the desired result," notes one review.

Polymeric sand gets poor reviews because it does not clean off after application, is not durable and is not the described color.