What Are Customer Reviews on the IRobot Roomba 595?


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Most customer reviews for the iRobot Roomba 595 on Amazon are positive, but there are also some mixed and negative reviews. Many people rate them as highly effective, but a few reviewers complain about issues like pet hair getting caught in the wheels, sensor problems and noise.

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Most of the reviews for Roomba's 595 series on Costco's website are very positive, with most customers giving it a full five star rating for its ease of use and effectiveness. Multiple reviewers mention that it works well for picking up pet hair and other debris, and that it saves them a lot of time. However, one reviewer stated that she returned the product because it was too loud and didn't clean as well as she had hoped.

The majority of Amazon reviewers found the 595 series to work well on both carpeted and hard floors. Many say that it not only helps keep floors clean, but that it cuts down on overall dust accumulation in the home. Most positive reviewers also consider it to be a good value for the price. However, some were disappointed with the level of maintenance required to keep it clean. Others found it frustrating that it can get stuck on rug edges, room transitions and air vents.

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