What Are Some Customer Complaints About the Whirlpool 44,000-Grain Water Softener From Lowe's ?


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Customer complaints about the Whirlpool 44,000-grain water softener from Lowe's allude to the durability of the softener, the plastic water connection valves and difficulty in programming the appliance. Customers also complain about the softener's inability to filter out chemicals added to the water, such as ammonia, chlorine and fluoride.

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The durability of the softener is the subject of the majority of customer complaints on Lowes.com. Customers state that the softener lasts between three and five years, which customers who have owned other softeners in the past consider unacceptable. In some cases, the softener died after merely one month of use. The price of the softener, coupled with its questionable durability, lead customers to question the long-term value of the product.

A smaller amount of customers critique the softener's plastic connectors as being cheap. These customers note the softener itself runs very well, but the connectors lead to leaks and are difficult to connect to water supply lines. One California-based customer suggested that the company improve the softener model by connecting it to the water supply line via a flexible hose to avoid the possibility of the plastic connectors becoming damaged in the event of an earthquake.

Overall, the Whirlpool 44,000-grain water softener from Lowe's has a 4.5-star rating as of July 2015. Out of 88 reviews, only four question the product's durability and three refer to its low quality, whereas 50 give it high quality ratings, and 32 find it durable.

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