What Are Some Customer Complaints About the Maytag Washer 4000 Series?


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Some customer complaints about the Maytag Washer 4000 Series include faulty drums that require constant repairs, water leakage and dirty clothes even after several wash cycles. Many customers also complain about the loud noise produced by the washer, which often signals damaged bearings and requires expensive professional repair.

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One of the most common complaints about the Maytag 4000 washer series is the defective drum. Many customers mention that the problem begins when the washer starts producing very loud noises that can be in the entire house. Some reviewers on Amazon note that the noise sounds like an airplane taking off, making it difficult to complete normal wash cycles.

Many customers also complain about damaged bearings that make it difficult for the washer to spin normally, and require constant repair. Customers also note that the washer does not clean clothes well and often leaves dirt and oil marks on clothing. Some customers also mention that clothes have a musky smell and are completely wet after long wash cycles. Others also complain that the washer does not drain properly and gets clogged by small items such as socks.

There are a number of complaints about the unavailability of spare parts, with some customers having to wait more than six weeks for parts to arrive. Others complain that even after repair, the washer only works for a few weeks and then breaks down completely.

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