How Do You Get a Custom Wooden Wardrobe Closet?


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Get a custom wooden wardrobe closet by finding a company, such as The Closet Works INC, that specializes in designing closets for consumers who have either a room with no closet or one that's inaccessible. Another option is to build your own custom wardrobe closet using online "do it yourself" guides, though this option takes considerably more work, and might end up costing as much as having a professional company do it for you.

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Companies that make custom wardrobe closets send someone to your home to give an in-home design consultation that's usually free. Consultants take the measurements of the area where you want the closet, and present a list of options given the dimensions of the walls, ceilings and furniture. This is a great time to inform the consultant about any personal customizations you would prefer, such as prioritizing hanging space or shoe space, and inserting drawers for clothes or shelves for sweaters. There are many interior organizational schemes that can be integrated into a wardrobe.

If you choose to build your own custom wooden wardrobe closet, a common practice is to use individual parts from other closet systems that you can purchase from stores such as Ikea. This allows you to make something that is semi-customized. Even if you purchase an entire closet system that you have to build yourself, there are many tips and tricks online for do-it-yourselfers to customize interior closet space.

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