How Do You Cure Stinky Feet?


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Stop foot odor by washing feet in vinegar water, applying talc, making sure the feet can breathe and rotating shoes. If these home remedies do not stop foot odor, consider speaking with a doctor about other alternatives.

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  1. Wash the feet in vinegar

    Vinegar provides antibacterial properties that help to reduce foot odor. Soak the feet in a cup of vinegar mixed with a gallon of warm water twice daily to reduce bacteria on the feet. If time is short, wash the feet with soap and water or apply an antibacterial gel and dry thoroughly before putting on shoes.

  2. Apply talc

    Apply a dusting of talc or baking soda before putting on socks. The powder absorbs moisture so it causes less of a problem. A spray antiperspirant sometimes proves helpful.

  3. Provide breathing room

    Sweat provides moisture for odor-causing bacteria to grow. Wear sandals that allow maximum exposure of the feet to the air so perspiration dries as it forms. Choose synthetic-blend socks that wick away the moisture to dry when wearing closed shoes or sneakers.

  4. Rotate shoes

    Shoes need time to dry after each use. Rotate the shoes so they have a few days between the time you take them off and wear them again.

  5. See a doctor

    Some medical options include prescription-strength antiperspirant and surgery to cure foot odor.

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