How Do You Cure Root Rot in a Jade?

Jade is a beautiful, ornamental plant that thrives in well-drained soil. However, overwatering this plant or keeping it in heavy soil can cause root rot. Working to cure root rot is an ongoing process, but the first steps may require a few hours.

  1. Unpot the plant

    Remove the jade plant from its container or remove the soil from around the roots. Infected roots have a limp black and brown appearance.

  2. Prune the roots

    Prune away any roots that show signs of root rot. Cut away the roots until there is no brown showing in the center of the root. Healthy roots are white. Once all the diseased roots are cut away, clean the shears with rubbing alcohol and trim all the pruned roots again. This extra pruning keeps the shears from transmitting the root rot to healthy roots during trimming.

  3. Repot the jade plant

    Allow the roots to dry out before repotting the jade plant. Discard the original soil. Plant the jade in a smaller, uncontaminated pot. Add well-drained soil, which needs to have equal amounts of vermiculite, perlite and peat. Let the plant sit in the soil for several days before watering it. Allow the soil to nearly dry out before watering the plant again.