Why Is My Crosley Front Load Washer Not Spinning Out Completely?

Why Is My Crosley Front Load Washer Not Spinning Out Completely?

Reasons why a Crosley front-loading washing machine might not spin properly include worn-out, broken or defective parts. Crosley washing machines are covered by a one-year manufacturer's parts and labor warranty with some limitations.

If a Crosley washing machine is not spinning properly, the drive belt could be broken or loose, or the pulley could be damaged. The clutch band kit could also be worn; this part is what lets the tub of the washing machine gradually reach proper spinning speed.

Another part to inspect if the washer doesn't spin as it should is the rotor assembly, which is located at the washer tub's back. This may have damaged magnets or other wear. If this is damaged, it can also affect agitation. The drive motor could also be defective, though this issue is not common.

A bad tub bearing can cause spinning problems and make problems worse if not replaced. Replacing a bad bearing involves dismantling much of the appliance. Other possible reasons a Crosley washing machine might not spin include a malfunctioning door latch or a faulty transmission. The latter is not a likely cause, so other possibilities should be explored first.

Consumers with a washer still covered by the manufacturer's warranty should contact the appliance dealer for service. Crosley appliance warranties can be registered online at the manufacturer's website.