What Do You Do When a Crosely Washer Won't Spin?


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If a Crosley washer is not spinning, the homeowner should check the washer's connections, ensure an adequate laundry load, check for foreign objects between the inner and outer tubs, and clear the drain hose. Some possible causes include a tripped circuit breaker, a defective lid switch and a broken belt.

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Homeowners should check the circuit breaker and ensure that the washer's power cord is connected securely. If using a top-loading model, they should confirm that the load is properly balanced in the tub and the lid is shut tight when the spin cycle begins. The washer may not spin if only a few clothing items are washed. Homeowners must then remove any bends or kinks from the drain hose, and they can clean it out to remove any clogs or debris. Next, they should use a pliers to remove any item that has become stuck between the inner and outer tubs. Homeowners may also open up the dryer to check the dryer belt and lid switch, replacing the parts if needed.

If these methods do not fix the problem, the washer may have a more severe problem such as a broken pump or a frozen pump pulley. Homeowners should contact Crosley to schedule an appointment with an authorized repair technician, keeping in mind that Crosley dryers are backed by a limited 10-year warranty.

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