Which Crops Grow Best in Winter?


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Garlic, leeks, onions and lettuce all grow well during mild winter months. Special care is required when growing some these crops in the winter, and extremely cold temperatures may cause the crops to die.

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Garlic bulbs purchased from a nursery can be planted 4 inches apart in soil and left to grow shoots before they are watered. Garlic is relatively easy to grow during the winter months due to how little care and attention it requires. Leeks can be purchased as starts from nurseries and require no special care, being hardy enough to survive mild to moderate winters.

Onions require a rich soil to grow in, without too much clay or sand, along with plenty of water. Bulbs can be purchased on the Internet or from a nursery and they make the growing process much easier than trying to grow from seeds. Onions should be planted in January or February; if green onions are desired, they should be pulled up after about 6 weeks.

Some varieties of lettuce are hardier than others and can withstand colder winter temperatures. Rich soil and lots of water are required when growing lettuce, and either seeds or starts should be planted in January or February.

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