How Do You Crimp Wires?


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Crimp wires by threading them through a crimp connector and clamping the connector with a crimping tool. You need a wire stripper with a crimper, a butt splice wire connector and electrical tape.

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  1. Strip the end of the wire

    Clamp the end of the wire with the stripping part of the tool, and strip the end of the wire.

  2. Twist the wire

    Twist the exposed wire to make it firm.

  3. Insert the wire into a crimp connector

    Insert the twisted wire into one end of a butt splice wire connector, and insert the other wire into the other end. Ensure that the exposed wires are within the connector.

  4. Crimp the connector

    Clamp the crimping tool over the connector where the twisted wire is, and squeeze hard.

  5. Tape the new connection

    Tightly wrap electrical tape around the connector.

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