What Credentials Should You Look for in a Reputable Local Electrician?


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The credentials to look for in a reputable local electrician depend on the location. In general, credentials include a business license and certification in electrical work.

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Requirements for electricians vary by state, which is why homeowners should look up the local requirements. For example, in Washington, there are multiple licenses and certificates that electricians require. An electrical administrator passes an exam to get his administrator certification, while an electrician must have a certain amount of working hours and education to get his license. There is also a certificate for an electrical contractor and a master electrician.

In California, not all electricians need to be certified. Some electricians are licensed under the Contractors’ State License Board, and don’t need a separate certification. In this state, electricians making connections of 100-volt amps or more who work with C-10 contractors need to have their certificate.

Before looking for a reputable electrician, look out for signs of electrical problems. It is best to catch these problems early as opposed to waiting until they get worse. Some signs that electrical work is needed include having frayed wires, tripping circuit breakers, excessive heat of switches and outlets, and smoke coming from the baseboards, outlets or appliances.

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