What Are Some Creative Ways to Use Plastic Box Storage?


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A creative idea to use or recycle a plastic box is as a storage bin for many home items, such as clothing, books and files. These functional and versatile containers may also be useful to keep accessories, such as scarves, hosiery and gloves, neatly organized in a closet. They are also useful for keeping toys and other items in a play room neatly organized, notes Houzz.

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There are many different sizes for plastic boxes. In a garage workshop, large ones can be useful for tools, wires and cables. These plastic containers also may be good for storing old or unwanted toys in an attic.

Depending on size, these bins or boxes may be suitable for crafters to keep or organize their different crafting supplies, such as yarns, fabrics and painting items. Small plastic containers can hold small items, such as bobby pins, clips and loose coins, suggests DIY and Crafts.

Plain plastic bins can also be made into decorative pieces by painting them, states the Rust-Oleum website. These can be displayed on a shelf to keep mail or desk accessories organized.

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