What are some creative ways to make your own lampshade?


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One creative way to make a lampshade is to purchase a neutral lampshade and decorate it with grosgrain ribbon. Arranging appliqués on an existing shade is also an innovate method of making a cover.

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For a ribbon-covered shade, measure the height of the shade and add 1/2 inch. Cut pieces of any color grosgrain ribbon to that length. The exact number of pieces needed depends upon the size of the shade.

Using hot glue, attach one end of each ribbon to the shade's top edge. Leave space between the ribbons to let the lampshade color show. Let 1/2 inch of each ribbon hang below the bottom edge. Turn these loose ends to the inside of the shade and hot glue them.

Measure the perimeter of the shade's top opening. Cut a piece of ribbon that size. Fold it in half along the entire length, and iron it with a sharp crease. Align the fold to the top of the shade's wire frame, and glue the ribbon to the inside and outside of the edge.

To decorate a shade with appliqués, use scrapbooking shapes or stickers. If the appliqués are not self-sticking, attach them to the shade with hot glue. Peel away the paper from those with adhesive. Place the stickers on the inside or outside of the shade.

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