What Are Some Creative Ways to Display a Birth Verse?

Some ways to display a birth verse is to print it on a poster that you design yourself. Some decorative elements to include on this poster are flora and fauna, with the verse itself centered. Unique types of vinyl wall decals are pre-designed featuring different verses, such as entire vinyl decals of verses or individual words and letters that you can arrange to spell out a verse.

Another unique way to decorate with verses is to apply them to the staircase. Decorate by printing decals, writing out or carving individual lines of the verse on each flat side of a step on a staircase. Count out the lines and start with the bottom to the top to space out each line to create a reminder of your faith every time you use the stairs.

If you have a stone wall, you can save one large stone to act as a laser-etching surface for the verse. You can also etch individual words or phrases onto the stones to create a mosaic effect where the viewer can read the verse's sentence. You can also hang up a blackboard, and write down a different verse for personal reflection every day, week or month.