What Are Some Creative Porch Handrail Ideas?

Handrails made out of natural wood are popular. In areas where Rhododendron is plentiful, innovative homeowners are using custom cut pieces for porch and staircase pickets. Metal handrails can be very attractive and made in a variety of designs. Flowers and vines are very popular for porch handrails.

If you a person has an idea for a handrail, she can have one custom-made by an iron or woodworker. This can be a great way to add a personal touch to a home or business. Mixing wood and metal to create a porch rail is also popular. While the frame of the porch rail is made of treated wood, the pickets that support the rail can be metal.

Home improvement stores such as Lowe's often carry several designs of metal pickets. Tightly strung wires can be combined with a metal handrail for a modern look. Decorative accents can be placed on larger support posts. Copper tops for supports are popular, as well. If a person wants additional lighting, he can add a solar post light to each support post. Tiffany style stained glass post lights can add a distinct and colorful Arts and Crafts style touch to the home or business.