What Are Some Creative Metal Wall Decorations?


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Creative metal wall decorations include metal clocks, free-form metal art, artistic metal-cast relief forms, candelabras and sconces, and scenes and images of natural forms in metal work. Metal decorations for walls come in sizes ranging from a few inches square or in diameter to large clocks and images measuring more than three feet across. Commonly used metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, burnished brass and blended metals are all available in creative metal wall decorations.

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Smaller decorative metal wall art typically features solid cast figures and designs in a variety of metals and finishes. Designs in this size include dragons and other whimsical scenes, animals and plants, religious symbols and Celtic patterns. Metal wall art in these designs typically features a single pattern or focus in the middle within a band of metal.

Larger metal wall decorations are available in all shapes and sizes, and include free-form metal designs, large metal clocks with numerals, or numbers and scenes or images cast in metal. Some examples of large metal wall decorations include photo trees with frames at the end of the branches, orbs and circles at the ends of metal rods, artfully twisted and formed metal bands, and shields and filigree shields with striking patterns.

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