What Are Some Creative Magazine Holder Ideas?

One creative idea for a magazine holder is to make rack-style dividers with decorative corner brackets that are normally used for shelving, windows and porch embellishment. A halved wooden board forms the base and backplate. Depending on the board’s width, the base can support three to four evenly spaced brackets, which must be nailed to the base and backplate. Scrollwork and nature-themed brackets are popular designs, but they are available in a wide range of metal and wood styles.

A wooden pallet is easy to transform into a mountable magazine rack. The underside of the pallet forms the slotted frame of the magazine holder, and the cross plank on one edge becomes the front panel. Cut off the top half of the pallet to make a holder about 12 inches high or taller, and use a spare board from the discarded portion to create the bottom of the rack. When working with a reclaimed wood pallet, sand the pieces before assembly, and finish the magazine rack by painting or staining it as desired.

A solid or slatted wooden crate can serve as a portable magazine holder and also function as an end table. Position the crate upright so that the storage compartment faces outward, and attach casters to the bottom.