What Are Some Creative Landscaping Ideas Covered by Houzz?

What Are Some Creative Landscaping Ideas Covered by Houzz?

Houzz covers landscapes for small yards, urban spaces and low-watering areas among its thousands of ideas, as of 2015. Pictures, design information and tips encourage creativity and implementation.

Houzz offers countless designs to fit a variety of situations. For small yards, some suggestions include flowers and plants in a linear pattern at the perimeter. Restraint in color and variety are key features. Pink roses planted with purple meadow sage along a white picket fence is one example. Planting two varieties of tall grass is another option.

For urban spaces, ideas include fake grass. Synthetic turf adds green with no maintenance and is easy to install when used over concrete or wood. Simply roll out to the desired measurements. A small swing set or deck chair on top of the faux green are other ideas.

For areas with water restrictions, landscape designs use shade trees, native species and decorative planters. Native tree and plant species thrive with minimal assistance. Artistic pots add color. These elements provide greenery for a patio or gravel yard and require little water.

Additionally, the Houzz site offers ideas for large yards and the option of saving appealing design pictures. A free email subscription provides weekly news and design tips from industry experts.