What Are Some Creative Ideas for a Bed Frame?


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Some ideas to make a creative bed frame include built-in storage, a hanging bed, or a bed frame that utilizes hairpin legs to create a mid-century modern design. Adding features such as locking wheels can create a bed frame that can be moved when rearranging furniture, while a large piece of art or bookshelves can be incorporated into a unique headboard.

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Building a bed frame with built-in storage is an smart space-saving option, since drawers or shelves can make a bed frame a practical place to store shoes, clothing or extra linens. There are many ways to incorporate storage into a bed frame, such as building spaces that can fit milk crates or reclaimed wood drawers, allowing for creative and practical solutions that you can change based on decor.

Building a suspended bed requires significantly more work but achieves a unique look that frees up floor space and reduces clutter. A suspended bed frame requires a ceiling that can support the weight of a bed, along with rope or other material that can keep the bed from falling down when it's occupied. Similarly, building a bed frame with wheels or casters requires finding wheels that can lock so the furniture doesn't drift around the room.

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