What Are Some Creative Ideas for a Basement Ceiling?


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Make a basement ceiling more attractive by painting everything a single color, installing a drop ceiling or hanging drywall. Most basement ceilings have plumbing pipes and electrical wires running between the floor joists, but covering them or simply making them less noticeable helps the space look cleaner and more pleasing to the eye.

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A permanent solution to hiding an unsightly basement ceiling is the installation of either a drop ceiling or drywall. A drop ceiling consists of panels that sit in a metal grip just below the ceiling. They are simple to install and buffer noise from upstairs. They also allow access to pipes and ducts since they are easily removable. Hanging drywall requires more expertise and is best done by a professional.

The solution to a more attractive basement ceiling depends of how many obstacles exist. If there are many obstacles, and if hanging a drop ceiling or drywall is too difficult, the simplest solution is to paint everything a single color. A monochromatic look disguises pipes, ducts and electrical wire, and the eye is no longer drawn to the ceiling. Before painting, clean all the surfaces thoroughly. A flat, dark paint is the best paint choice for camouflaging a ceiling.

If paint isn't an option, hang fabric panels to cover a basement ceiling. Choose a solid color or a simple pattern, and use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the overhead joists. Advantages to this solution are that the fabric can be taken down to be washed and can be changed easily when redecorating.

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