What Are Some Creative Garden Layout Designs?


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Some creative garden layout designs include vertical gardens, a miniature maze and a chessboard garden. For example, a plant tree is a vertical garden for people with little space, such as apartment dwellers and owners of small homes. The homeowner attaches the metal tree frame to the side of the house with holders for potted plants on the edges of the metal branches.

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Other creative vertical garden designs include a fern picture and an indoor herb garden. The fern picture is a large shadow box planted with fern and other plants. It is then hung on a wall for vertical gardening. The gardener can do the same thing with succulents or plant a vertical herb garden inside, such as against a wall or on a narrow rack or shelf.

A miniature square maze can be crafted out of groomed hedges, and the corners of the garden can contain flowering trees. A simple hedge, cut square and table-flat, can act as the outline for a garden containing trees and plants between the hedges. A chessboard raised garden is another creative idea, and it contains squares with alternating black and white gravel. The gardener can plant cacti in individual squares to act as the chess pieces.

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