What Are Some Creative Front Yard Designs?

What Are Some Creative Front Yard Designs?

Creative ideas for front yards include stone paths, patios, fences, ornamental trees, tall grasses and blooming shrubs. Designing yards with these elements adds curb appeal and charm.

Front yards of all shapes and sizes benefit from creative designs. For curb appeal, plant blooming shrubs along a picket fence. Hydrangeas or roses draping over the fence add color, fragrance and some privacy.

Another idea is to plant ornamental or dwarf trees to add focus and depth, but consider location in the design. Dwarf trees are suitable for small yards, but some species may not thrive in urban settings.

For charm, create a journey through the front yard with a stepping stone path leading to a bird bath or a pair of chairs. Another idea is to line the path to the front door with flowers or low-growing shrubs, while planting tall grasses along the perimeter of the yard or fence adds warmth without blocking light or views.

For low maintenance and water savings, create a front yard patio with large irregular stones and gravel. Add planting beds for structure and greenery, or potted flowers for color. Other creative accents include outdoor lighting, fire pits, statues and baskets.

Any choice highlights the yard with creative landscape.