What Are Some Creative Design Ideas for Living Room Windows?


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Some decorating ideas for a living room window include using floor-length drapes, introducing bright and bold patterns, and using the room’s overall design to inspire the window décor. The room’s architecture should guide the decoration of windows.

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When there is a large window in the living room, it is often the main focal point. To decorate this type of window, floor-length drapes are best, because they add warmth to the room and prevent the window from becoming distracting. Due to the size of the drapes, the pattern chosen for them should define the design of the entire room.

Patterns can brighten up a room and add texture to it. A dark, drab or overly neutral room is enhanced with curtain panels or draperies that include bright colors and patterns. Patterns such as stripes, lattices, chevrons or ikat introduce a fun and creative atmosphere. If there are patterned window treatments, the rest of the furnishings should be neutral and primarily solid colors.

The design and architecture of the living room also determines the best window treatment options. For example, if the room has extra-high ceilings, using basic curtains is not the best idea. These rooms often have upper windows above the main living room ones since the ceiling is so high. In this instance, it is best to stay away from heavy curtains and instead choose sheers on the bottom windows, while leaving the top windows undressed.

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