How Do You Create Walkways With Concrete Forms?


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To create a walkway using concrete forms, make forms out of hardboard siding held in place with two-by-fours, create a base with compacted soil and gravel, pour the concrete, and then smooth and level the surface. When you mix the concrete, do not use too much water, as a wet mix creates a weaker slab when it hardens.

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Hardboard siding is an inexpensive choice for making forms, and it can be easily bent into curves. Use stakes made from two-by-fours to hold the forms in place. If the forms extend below ground level, space stakes three feet apart, and pack soil against them. For forms above ground level, place stakes 16 inches apart. Ensure that the stakes do not extend above the top of the forms.

Create a firm, well-drained base by compacting the soil and then adding several inches of a material such as gravel. Mix concrete, following the manufacturer's directions, and pour the mixture between the forms. Poke the concrete mixture throughout with a piece of scrap wood to remove any air bubbles.

Float the walkway by dragging a long wooden board across the concrete, supported by the top edges of the two forms. This process forces stones into the mix and pulls the cement to the surface. Use a grooving tool to create control joints every five feet. Finally, pull a broom over the drying concrete to create a non-slip texture and disguise imperfections.

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