How Do You Create Textured Walls?


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The three major ways to create textured walls are drywall mud, textured paint and drywall texture sprayers. Drywall mud can be used to simulate stucco when applied with a trowel or compound knife, or it can create a crosshatched look when a notched trowel is used. Pre-made textured paints are available in limited colors, but texture additives for regular paint are also available.

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Drywall mud is also called joint taping compound, and it is readily available from hardware stores. The walls must be clean and completely dry before the drywall mud is applied. The compound should be diluted with water until it has the consistency of thick pancake batter. This method is very forgiving, as mistakes can simply be cleaned away and the mud reapplied. A variety of looks can be achieved using drywall mud when different tools or techniques are used. Because texture sprayers apply drywall mud very quickly, they are an efficient way to create texture in large rooms.

Although textured paint works similarly to drywall mud, it must be applied with greater speed and precision, as no one section can be allowed to dry before an adjacent section is applied. It is simpler to use than drywall mud, however, and can be applied with a paint roller or brush.

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