How Do You Create a Tall Floral Arrangement?

How Do You Create a Tall Floral Arrangement?

Martha Stewart uses a trick borrowed from Michael George to create stunning arrangements from tall flowers in 10 minutes. You need the tall flower of your choice, a suitable vase, flower food, clippers, water and clear elastic ponytail bands.

  1. Properly prepare your flowers

    Holding the flowers carefully, remove any growth that falls below the intended water line. Gather the amount that will fit in your vase without forcing it. Arrange the flowers so that the tops are level, and trim the bottom of the stems evenly with clippers.

  2. Prepare the vase

    Clean and dry the vase thoroughly to kill any remaining bacteria from your last arrangement. Fill it to approximately 2 inches from the top with cool, clean water. Pour in a packet of flower food, and allow it to dissolve.

  3. Finish the arrangement

    After you have arranged the flowers the way you want, grip them firmly and slide a clear rubber ponytail band over the stems just below the flower line. Use as many bands as necessary to support your design. Change the water and cut the stems every couple of days. You do not need to change the rubber bands, as they last for the duration of your design.