How Do You Create Retractable Attic Stairs?


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To install retractable attic stairs, start by measuring the access hole to assess that it's large enough and if it's not, measure and mark out an expansion. Next, check that there are no wires or pipes in the area and expand the hole with a saw. Construct and install a frame and door panel, install a spring drum pulley system, then assemble the stairs. Connect the stairs to the system with cable holders and mount the stairs onto the door panel.

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When constructing and installing retractable attic stairs, be sure to remove joists and other structural obstructions with care to keep the headway clear. The stair frame may be difficult to install, so use temporary cleats to hold the frame in place while nailing or screwing down the frame. If the door panel does not fit flush into the frame, the stairs don't retract fully or properly.

The spring drum pulley system requires two pairs of spring drums with a pair on each side. You must install a single small pulley cable on either side with the drums. These drums and pulleys ensure that the stairs retract smoothly and remain secure. You can secure both pieces of equipment with screws and a basic power drill.

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