How Do You Create a Potted Plant Watering System?

To create a potted plant watering system, connect small tubes to a larger piece of tubing and feed each small tube into potted plants. Connect the larger piece of tubing to a pressure reducer using a hose clamp and connect the pressure reducer to a water source.

Run through the following steps to build and set up a drip-watering system for potted plants.

  1. Gather the parts
  2. To make a watering system, assemble one length of hose-sized tubing, a pressure reducer, a steel hose clamp, emitters, a filter and one piece of spaghetti tubing for each potted plant. A punch tool and a digital timer are also useful supplies.

  3. Connect the spaghetti tubing to the larger tube
  4. Punch one hole in the large piece of tubing for each piece of spaghetti tubing. This is much easier with a punch tool. Insert an emitter into each hole. Connect the smaller tubing to the emitters.

  5. Connect the large tubing to a pressure reducer
  6. Connect the larger piece of tubing to a pressure reducer. Secure it with a steel clamp.

  7. Connect the filter
  8. Connect a hose bib to the filter adapter. Connect the other end of the filter to the pressure reducer.

  9. Connect the system to a water source
  10. Connect the hose bib end of the system to a water source. To avoid leaving the system on for long periods of time, install a digital timer between the water source and the system.

  11. Feed the tubes into the plants
  12. Feed each length of spaghetti tubing into each potted plant.

  13. Turn on the water source
  14. Turn on the water source to make sure that the system is free of leaks. Turn on the digital timer to time each watering.