How Do You Create Your Own Pillows?

How Do You Create Your Own Pillows?

To create your own pillow, measure a pillow insert, create a pattern, cut out the fabric, mark the seams, sew the pieces together, trim the edges, and turn the pillow right side out. Stuff the insert inside, and sew shut the final opening.

  1. Take measurements

    Measure the width and height of the pillow insert from seam to seam.

  2. Make the pattern

    Add 2 inches to both measurements for seam allowances. Draw the dimensions on a sheet of craft paper using a square or yardstick.

  3. Position the pattern

    If you are using patterned fabric, position the pattern the way you want it displayed.

  4. Cut out the front of the pillow

    Place the fabric flat on a table with the pattern on top. Cut around the pattern with sharp fabric scissors.

  5. Cut out the pillow back

    Place the same pattern on top of a coordinating color of fabric. Line it up to the grain. Cut around the pattern.

  6. Pin the pillow together

    Place the two pieces of fabric with the right sides together. Pin the edges at 3-inch intervals.

  7. Mark the seam

    Measure in 1 inch from the edge all along the pillow. Mark the measurements with a fabric pencil.

  8. Sew the seams

    Mark an opening on one of the long edges that is large enough to squeeze the insert through. Starting at that point, sew all the way around the seam, marking until you get to the other edge of the mark.

  9. Trim the edges

    Trim the bottom edge to half of an inch and the top edge slightly closer to the seam. Cut the corners close without snipping the stitching.

  10. Turn the pillow

    Turn the pillow right-side out, paying attention to push out the corners. Press the edges all the way around. Push the pillow insert inside the casing, adjusting as needed.

  11. Sew the pillow shut

    Use an over-stitch to close the pillow's opening.