How Do You Create a Lawn Care Bid Template?


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The easiest way to create a usable and clear lawn care bid template is to start with a pre-generated, blank template such as those available from a site that aggregates business forms. Samplewords, for example, offers templates created in Excel, which makes the files easy to customize for your individual business.

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You lawn care bid template should include plenty of space to itemize the various services your landscaping business provides for home or business owners. This should include not only labor for services, but also space for goods that can include fertilizer, mulch, and any plants or other vegetation provided as a side benefit of the lawn care.

One important thing to note is that a bid template is a competitive proposal for services. Remember that you may submit a bid against other service providers for a particular job. When creating your lawn care bid, think carefully about ways to make your particular proposal stand out from others. You can try offering lower costs to the customer to undercut competition, for instance. You can also propose more thorough landscaping and lawn care services or more frequent maintenance and follow-up visits to keep the lawn manicured.

Above all, keep your bid professional in appearance. If your lawn care service has a graphic logo, be sure to cut and paste it into a cell at the top of your bid. Print hard copies of your bid to present in person or to mail, but be sure your bid also looks good in a digital format for use in emails.

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