How Do I Create a House Cleaning List?

How Do I Create a House Cleaning List?

Developing a house cleaning checklist requires deciding how often tasks should be completed and who should complete those tasks. Most homeowners can make a basic house cleaning checklist in just a few hours, but the list may change over time as the family grows or changes.

  1. Decide which tasks require attention

    Daily tasks, such as washing dishes or folding laundry, form the basis of a housekeeping checklist. Spend a few moments in each room to decide which tasks must be completed on a daily basis, then determine who is in charge of completing the task. Make a note of each family member's chores by each task, and post chores in a conspicuous area of the home.

  2. Determine monthly and seasonal tasks

    Monthly and seasonal tasks are chores that don't need to be completed daily, but still require attention. Make a note of when monthly chores, such as cleaning windows, and seasonal tasks, such as storing holiday decorations, should be completed.

  3. Set a schedule

    Set a specific day and time for each task, and limit the amount of time spent in each room to maintain a house cleaning schedule. For instance, limit cleaning in each room to 15 minutes a day to maximize efficiency.