How Do You Create a Homemade Chainsaw Sawmill?


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To create a homemade chainsaw sawmill, builders will need to build the frame and attach the chainsaw with the correct accessories. This project calls for a chainsaw, tubing that is an inch and a half in diameter, two-by-four diameter tubing for wheels, a height control device and remote throttle device. This frame can be kept small or mounted to a larger frame in order to cut 10 foot or longer lengths of wood.

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The type of welding style the builder uses is up to them, as is the type of metal tubing for the frame. A chainsaw with a blade long enough to cut through the desired wood width in one pass is required. The mill can be made hand held size, removing the need for the height control, but will add the need for a brace to go on the other side of the mill stand. The steps that follow explain how to build chainsaw sawmill.

  1. Building the frame
  2. Cut the frame a couple of inches shorter than the blade of the chainsaw. Make a double frame so that it is three-dimensional. Make the height of the frame tall enough to sit on the ground and pass over the lumber. Attach the tubing for the wheelbases also.

  3. Attach adjusters and chainsaw
  4. Attach the height control device and the remote throttle control. The throttle control is optional. The height control device should be assembled according to the manufactures instructions.

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