How Do You Create Funky Painted Furniture?

How Do You Create Funky Painted Furniture?

Create funky distressed furniture by applying two coats of different-colored paints to the furniture and sanding through the top coat to reveal the bottom one. Choose contrasting colors to create a funky look. Select the top color of the piece as your primary color.

Lightly sand the furniture you are refinishing. Sand heavier in some areas than others to create the distressed look. When finished sanding, wipe the piece with a damp cloth to remove any dust.

Use the bottom and back of the piece to experiment and determine which technique provides best results. Once you develop your technique, move to the visible portions of the furniture. Apply a thin base coat of paint using a foam brush, and follow the manufacturer's recommendation for drying time between coats. Don't worry if cracks show through the coat.

Mix the top color with water one tablespoon at a time to create a wash. The wash should be thick enough that it does not bubble when you apply it to the surface. Apply the wash with the foam brush, and allow the piece to dry completely.

Use sandpaper to remove the top coat at the natural wear areas of the piece. Sand lightly to expose hints of the base coat, or continue sanding to expose more of it.