How Do You Create a Front Door Entry Form?


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To create a front door entry form, first sketch a design that suits your home or structure, using the architectural design of the structure, such as colonial, modern or craftsman, as inspiration. Create a scale design using graph paper by assigning 4 inches for each square on the page. Include the placement of any windows, panels and framework.

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If a front porch or entryway does not exist, include plans for these in the sketch and graph. Some examples include a small enclosed porch with columns to support the roof, a wrap-around porch with railings or stairs leading to the door. Keep the design of the structures roof in mind, as any additional structure needs to fit up against the wall and roof to prevent exposure damage.

Once a design is chosen, decide on the materials to be used for all aspects of the door entrance. Take the crime rate in the area into consideration, purchasing steel-enforced doors for more security. Another consideration when selecting materials is the architectural design of the original structure. Keep the material choices in your predetermined budget.

Remember to include lighting and a security system, as needed. Some examples include motion lights, peep holes, electronic systems and special door locks. When building steps, keep the steps wider than the door width to allow for easy access and safety. Once all aspects of the design are complete, begin building the entry or hire an appropriate contractor or builder to complete the project.

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